We understand that energy supply isn’t the most exciting product to review, however Callidus Communications can help to prevent your business from overspending on energy when there are cheaper options available.

With our help, you can decide the most suited energy provider for your business’s needs.

People believe that switching energy providers is a long and complicated process, at Callidus we ensure that comparisons and available rates are clear and transparent. The best deals for you will be highlighted, and this allows you to make an informed decision on your energy supply, with knowledge of the best deals available for your business. With energy prices set to rise, we will help you to save as much money as possible, even if that means we supply gas and electricity from two separate energy suppliers.

Companies vary in size and scale, and so do their energy requirements, so when it comes to gas and electricity usage, each company will have varying needs. That’s why we use a bespoke comparison tool that will search energy suppliers and find you the best energy rates for your individual needs.

Switching energy supplier can save you a large amount of money in the long run, and so why not review and lock in the lowest current rates now? We can look at securing the very best rates for up to 12 months ahead, helping your business make greater savings, now and in the future.

Why are we choosing Green Energy?

Green energy is a term used to describe the energy that has been extracted from sources that are sustainable, (we can carry on extracting energy from these sources without ever running out) and non-pollutant (the use of these sources do not release chemicals that are harmful to the environment). This is why we should all be revisiting our energy costs and sources.

For a free, no-obligation quote, that will save your business money whilst choosing a greener Energy provider please contact us on 0330 365 3050 or email

So how do I get a comparison?

Our comparison tool is designed to search for the very best deals for your usage and business needs. It will guide you towards the best deal for your business, making sure that switching your business energy tariff is straightforward. We also save you time by making it easier for you to hunt out the fairest deals and switch suppliers.

Getting an energy comparison from Quadrant Tech couldn’t be simpler:
Contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to talk you through the simple process.

All we need to help you start saving is the following:

  1. A copy of your latest Gas and Electricity bill
  2. We’ll run a no-obligation comparison based on the supplied bills
  3. For a full 12 month analysis complete the Letter of Authority*

You will receive and full and comprehensive review proposal highlighting all the suppliers relevant to your supply, allowing you to make informed choices around, not only the energy rates but the provider too.

*This does not allow contracts to be signed on your behalf or put your business under any obligation to accept any of the quotes. The 12 month review give a true annual view of your energy and most accurate results