Calls & Lines

When I move to Callidus Communications will we keep our same numbers?

Yes your numbers will stay exactly the same.

Will there be any loss of service when switching?

No when you transfer to Callidus Communications it is a seamless transfer and the only thing that will change will be once the transfer has taken place, your bills will be from Callidus Communications.

How long does it take to transfer?

Once the order is placed, Callidus Communications will take care of everything. The timescale for transfer is 10 working days.

I need a new line installing who do I contact?

Callidus Communications are a BT Wholesale partner so can arrange for a new line to be installed for you. All you need to do is call one of our team on – 0330 365 3050 or alternatively email us at support@calliduscomms.com

Mobile Telephony

Can I keep the same number when moving to Callidus Communications?

Yes, you can keep the same number by porting your number to us.  For this you will need a PAC code from your existing supplier. Once you have your pac code you will need a new sim card from Callidus Communications to use in your device once your number has ported to us. This will apply to each number and handset you are looking to move to us. You will have to complete a full sim swap for the number of handsets you have in the contract. If you are just changing service provider but are remaining with the same network you still need to do the same.

When switching our mobile’s will we lose service?

Generally, on the day you port across to Callidus Communication’s a port date will have been agreed. Your old SIM on that day between 10am and 4pm should stop working, once this happens put your new SIM into your device and that should be live. So any disruption should be kept to a minimum.

Can my service provider refuse me a pac code?

Mobile phone customers have the right to take their mobile number with them when they switch to a new provider.

This is known as mobile number portability.

The process is simple. To port your number, you ask your current mobile provider for a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) before your service is terminated.

You then give the PAC to your new mobile provider.


The only reasons why a provider can refuse to give a PAC are:

  • The number does not belong to the customer of the losing mobile provider
  • The account for that number has been terminated
  • The account holder has died
  • A PAC has already been issued and is still valid
  • The customer has not adequately proved that he or she is the legitimate account holder.

Your provider cannot refuse to issue a PAC even if you have any outstanding bills or charges to pay.

My phone has been lost or stolen what should I do?

Call 0330 365 3050 and email support@calliduscomms.com so we can bar the handset immediately.